in the most professional way, of course.


WHO is the Big Hair behind PURRFECSHUN...?

If you want to sell more stuff, then you need a BOLDFACED and SUPERHUMAN designer. You need me. The kind of lady who'll use words like a sword and grab customers by the balls. The sheer variety of my talent is how I stand out in this industry...and the fact that I'm kinda cute and smell of digital ink & roses doesn't hurt either!

Ok, I don’t “hate” people, but I hate the average, and mediocre, and doing “standard” work. *Yawn* Knock me in the head with a heavy wooden spoon if I don’t deliver you new worlds of graphic art, shameless visuals with attitudes that will not only show off your message but send its word like an arrow, straight to the heart. Oh, and I've got really big hair with an uncontrollable amount of flexible creativity underneath, if you DARE to touch it!

Whether you're trying to sell a dollar-menu cheeseburger or a luxurious gluten-free burger, the standard of my work for you will be the same: higher than a giraffe's genitals. My versatility can provide exactly what you, your company, and your products/services need, without compromising quality.

Think about it: when have you seen such obscenity written with such caliber? On the flip side, I can also be serious and professional. See the portfolio for the proof, no alcohol.

Compared to me, they're side chicks not even worth having their number saved as "Domino's Pizza".

Services that i can ROCK OUT just for you

Pick your talent...and your nose!

graphic design skull

Goo-oozing Graphic Designs

I focus your idea into a unique vision and identity. I'm not a dull girl. And marketing stuff with cool designs, I’m a real Jedi Master when it comes to helping small businesses get the attention they’ve been missing by hiring a bunch of cheap marketing bozos. Whether you need a new logo design, a new website design, a business card design, or something in between…I make magic happen.

web design

Purple Cow Web Design

You have to get people to notice you. So, since you can't strip down to your nakedity and go yelling down the street with a billboard, you need me. With my artwork, charm, wit and my creative copywriting, I’ll make it easy for your site to become a “purple cow,” so you simply stand out.

I have uncontrollable design ideas and code pouring out of my ears constantly; it's a little pathetic, actually.

branding and corporate identity

BIG Blast Brand Identity and Logo Design

I've created and rocked the brand identity of attorneys, dentists, film production companies, social media websites, clothing designers and other professionals, as well as your regular Joe Blow company, during my career.

Don't let this comic style fool you, mmmkay?
SEO content writing

Sexy SEO Content New

SEO content that's not just sexy, but profitable. No, seriously. I write high-converting sales letters, video scripts, landing pages and promo emails. Whatever it is, I’ll get them drooling for you.

I write jaw dropping, lip smacking, eyelash fluttering copy that sucks your audience in like super sour patch kids.

Obviously, I can get your point across. My brain is going to be the Bonnie to your Clyde.

SEO diamond

Sassy SEO Services New

Who gives a damn about your site if nobody sees it? Money sure doesn't. Let's shine up your "dorky" website into a diamond worthy of "popular girl" status. You need that right presence to grab the attention (and money) you want.

Customers will be powerless against your "game" and "pick-up lines."

Voice Overs

Dope Voice Overs New

I've snatched up some entertainment industry voice acting professionals, oozing with Los Angeles goodness that can put an appropriate voice to your videos or presentations.

Male, female or Caitlin Jenner-style voices are feasible with my crew. Mangina is extra.

mobile web design

Money grubbing mobile sites

We are in the midst of the "A.D.D-suffering zombies." Our worlds stop at the bling of a text or Instagram notification. Without an eye-catching mobile site, you WILL be ignored. You'll be that one guy at the party who skipped their deodorant and seeks you out to buy you a drink, so to speak.

Does your site have it's deodorant on?

illustration invitation design

Illustrations & Invitation Design

Is it a PARTY? A corporate event? Starting t-shirt line? This is what I do. Attracting ATTENTION, building INTEREST, and getting ACTION out of it is what I do. With every twist and turn of my pencil, and every mind-bending curve, it's all really drawn out with the sparks of my magical fingertips.

Basically, I like to draw stuff.

I get high off my own brain's supply and never worry about running out.

New ideas are born into my head like a very fertile fiend who never goes through menopause.

Gallery of Visual Arrogance

Take it easy, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the dopeness.

no, seriously.

Dr. Seuss Announcement

One fish, two fish, red fish, preggo fish. Wait, that's not it! Dr. Seuss would be proud though.

Leo, The Surveyor

TWO Illustrative posters for comedic film. Did I mention that it was a 48 hour deadline?! Whew.

Dykes Of Hazard

Tongue-in-cheek, out-spoken, hysterical, bad-ass mother....shut-yo-mouth!

1st Birthday Invitation

Pop-up 1st birthday invitation fit for a little Asian-ish princess, and impressed the "foofy" Mom!

Dr. Sims Dentistry

Edgewater dentist website and promo materials looking crisp and sparkly, like an expensive set of polished up veneers!

Holiday Party

(Getting) Busy parents expecting Baby #3 around Christmas, which was near Mommy's Birthday and the Baby Shower; have 'em altogether. What the hell?

SAW Trilogy Posters

Intriguing SAW Trilogy Poster Set that Twisted Pictures SHOULD'VE had me do!

Call me the Beyoncé of graphic design

...minus the fat, juicy butt.

Taking your company as seriously
as a high quality weave.

First of all, those things ain't cheap.

Did you ever dream you could squish our competition beneath your shoe?

My time is valuable regardless of money; I don't put anything but the best into what I do if I'm going to spend my time on doing it. Your time and money is valuable as well. There is nothing worse than ruining some good expensive hair because someone didn't know how to install it. Not only will it be a sunken investment with others, they may even leave damage to your edges. You don't want to be a balding business that ends up having to pay more to repair the damages.

If you let me be the one to sew in that lace-front, I guarantee your company will look good.

brass knuckles

You're not messing around, right?

Do you have a sales page or an overall business look that is flat as a pancake? This is why God created me: to pump that flat ass full of silicone and dress it in a nice and tight freak 'em dress. This is my destiny. Others can promise the same, but they'll leave you with lopsidedness, infections, and imperfections in general. Even death (this is no joke; poor marketing schemes has led to the death of many businesses). This is why it's important to let ME be the one to drag your sh*t up by the bootstraps and smack it into submission.

I mean, how could they not, with that new ass and dress I just fitted you in?

Delicious Testimonials

“She did waaay better than expected on the project, that we decided to have her revamp our website. It looks amazing! We could not be happier. All work was done professionally and with a sense of humor.”

Grant Sims Testimonial Image

Grant Sims, Dr. Sims Dentistry D.D.S.

Chicago Dentist - GrantSimsDDS.com

“These designs are absolutely stunning. You captured the story perfectly in a very simplistic way and I cannot say how excited I am that I have met you! ..the chocolateness of the second design is utter genius! I love it!”

Terrell Grice Testimonial Image

Terrell Grice, Mile123 Productions


“I'm in love with your work!...You are very good and I love how you present your work. Rock on. Follows directions and her work is always on target and her rates are reasonable.  Brain storms were great, and she knocked out the work I needed on time and under budget.  Highly recommended!”

Bart Wilson VPIX360 Testimonial Image

Bart Wilson, VPIX360

Chief Innovation Officer at VPix360

“Responsive, professional and has a great marketing sense. I have no hesitation endorsing Purrfecshun Designs. You are gifted!”

Nathan Ewing Testimonial

Nathan Ewing, Law Offices of Nathan Ewing, LLC

Attorney - NTELawOffices

“You brought my vision to life. Thank you soooooo much!”

Michael Pellegrino Testimonial Image

Michael Pellegrino, The Authors World

Best-selling Author, Producer & Business Professional

“One of the best designers/graphic artists in Chicago! She is super creative, professional and a delight to work with. She did an awesome job on over 100 designs for my growing T-shirt business and she also did a fabulous job on party invitations for my own personal use. I couldn't be happier. ”

Memorie Knox Testimonial Images

Memorie Knox, Good News Garments


“The MOST creative person that I know...I can honestly say from the moment I sat down with the designer Mona, I felt comfortable in knowing that she was going to not only bring me professional work, but unique and creative ideas. I have had this company do everything from invitations to a baby shower to personalized birth announcements.”

Julnar Brown Testimonial Image

Julnar Shelby-Brown, Mommy


“Working with Ramona was a cool breeze! I came to her with an idea for a logo and she turned it into exactly what I wanted. She communicated with me about everything and it was all done in a very timely manner. Even through the tweaks and changes she was right there getting the job done. I even emailed her a year later with a question and guess what? She still helped!”

Tameka Testimonial Image

Tameka P., Xxplicit Content


so, You Made It This Far, huh?
My smart mouth hasn't scared you off?

You're exactly the kind of client I WANT!

Seriously, if you've read this far, and you're lol-ing (serious face but at least smiling on the inside), you have to at least try me out. Even if you're not lol-ing in any shape, way, or form, you still have to try me out. Why? To justify all the time you just wasted, that's why. You don't just travel all the way to Mexico and then not eat an authentic taco. You just don't.

Failure to blow your mind will force me to commit ritual suicide and spill my steaming entrails all over my drawing tablets.

Hire me and you’ll see how fast people will notice your company. Don't hesitate because I DO book up quickly! I mean, I'm a one-woman band here...So, yeah...